Centralized Kubernetes usage analytics

All in one single place, Krossboard tracks the usage of all your clusters over time, it helps forecast capacity scale up/down, thereby enabling you to easily anticipate and master operations costs.

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Krossboard Key Features

Without being exhaustive, here are some key tenets that make Krossboard unique:

Deploy in minutes, for multiple Kubernetes

Provided as ready-use cloud images for popular cloud platforms ( Amazon EKS, Microsoft AKS, Google GKE), you can set up an instance of Krossboard in a couple of minutes. Then let the instance discover and track your clusters.

Track usage, anticipate and master costs

Krossboard provides project-scoped, cluster-scoped and cross-cluster usage insights, and on various accounting periods (hour/day/month/year). Doing so it makes cost allocation and capacity planning decisions easier than ever.

Proven open source core

Leveraging kube-opex-analaytics at its core (open source with 130k+ image pulls), Krossboard is designed upon established concepts and a solid code base and adds advanced features for multi-Kubernetes environments.

User-extensible analytics

Krossboard's built-in analytics charts are designed to cover common use cases. In addition to that, it enables the ability to export the underlying data in CSV. Hence, organizations with specific needs can process them for further insights.

Efficient visualization at a central place

Krossboard comes to help organizations to tackle the challenges to make cost management and capacity planning decisions on Kubernetes clusters. It does so by enabling a global and consistent approach of collecting, processing, aggregating, and visualizing resource usage analytics at a single central place.