Update/Upgrade Guide

This guide describes how to update an instance of Krossboard towards a recent version.

It assumes that you already have a working Krossboard instance, regardless of your running environment (on cloud or on-premises).

Update steps

Follow the next steps to update your instance of Krossboard.

  • Go to the release page and download the setup package of the targeted version.

  • Copy the archive to the your Krossboard machine.

  • Uncompress the archive, review the NOTICE and the EULA files if needed.

    tar zxf krossboard-<VERSION>.tgz
    cd krossboard-<VERSION>
  • Use this command to launch the update.

    sudo ./update.sh

Get access to Krossboard UI

Open a browser tab and point it to the Krossboard URL (i.e. http:///, changing <machine-addr> with the address of the instance).

Use the same username and password as on your previous version.

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